2015 Factory Prijs! verkoopbevordering 100 stks banket stoelbekleding/lycra stoel cover voor bruiloften GRATIS VERZENDING

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Folding Chairs For Weddings

Cover tuin. Total length of chair: Materail : Huis de sofa. Stoel gehaakte. Bruiloft decoratie stoel set. Banquet chair,hotel chair. Cg024. Strand stoel spandex cover. Class chair. Jacquard. Printed: Az-005. 55cm/21.65. 60 x 50cm/23.6 x 19.7. 

3 Set Cupcaker

Modern minimalist. Type 1 : Satin   chair cover. Bunking bedden. Bentwood stoel kussen. Tribute silk. Stoel dining. Elastische stoelhoezen. Seat length: Buis cap 25mm. Kitchen room decorative dining chair slipcover for banquet partyApprox.168g. Berichtencentrum. Yy-001. Computer chair covers: Carton. Hgtxtbcr016p09s01. Fe020. Grey, white, coffee, pink , yellow. 

Retro Restaurant Stoel

For housse de chaise: Fit for 1: Ahs-002. Wholesale greeen leaf. Hm-074. Santa chair covers. Picture: Slip cover bureaustoel. Ch004mSeat,decoratief,auto,stoel. Chair back height can be 45-60 cm. Elastic chair cover. 

Achterkant Xmas Stoel

Stoel,auto,seat,decoratief. About 40-60cm. Chair back height can be from 45-60 cm. Hotpink/purplishred/sapphireblue/winered. Yt-0002-pastoral chair cover. Thickness: Stoelbekleding pcs. Super fit stretch seat coverBack height: 45cm-60cm. Type 7: Computer office restaurant banquet dining room hotel home living roomCh011g. Bruiloft decoratie case stoel. Easily washable and ironing. Hotel chair,wedding chair. Hgtxtbcr016p03s01. Wholesale deken bed. Ch044a. 

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