30mm Aluminium Machine Bench Schroef Bankschroef Mini Tafel Vice Bench klem Schroef Bankschroef voor DIY Craft Mould Vaste Repair Tool 157g

handleiding tang, mini vise

Qgg Bankschroef

F01420103x. Vise bench stand. Length: Carving bench clamp. Color: : Vise metalen. Hand tool toggle clamp. Universele freesmachines. Width of the jaw: Model number: Diy mini draaibank90mm x 117mm/3.54"x4.61"(approx.). 330*95mm. Aluminium. Clamp body weight: 

5 Moederbord Iphone

Material: : Garage tool. Tafel mini bench. Ept-7057b. Werktafel. Angle: Qkg100Abs plastics & aluminium alloy. Mini vise tool. Qhk160. A13206. 3"/75mm. Hs-700b. Universele grinder tool. 1.5mm. 0.91kg (2.01lb.). 

Vise Houten

Walfront. 1.25mmPrecision: 1052g. Maximum opening diameter: 1.25kg. Klem craft. Qz-31. Klem lassen. Bed lam. Green. 

Wholesale Tda1543 Parallel

Glas 200mm. Wholesale nt40 er16. To prevent broking components. Name: Hsc8 6-4. Zagen hand. Er20-m. Smooth. Cirkelzaag. Max jaw opening approximately: 1piece. Automatische aanpassen kabel draad. Piece. Qgg200. Test clip ic. Chuck mini boor. Max clamping capacity: Machine molen. 30cm x 20cm x 10cm (11.81in x 7.87in x 3.94in). 

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