HGHO 8.5M Threads Platte Elastische Crystal Cord String Touw Kant Kralen Draad Voor Kleding Schoenen DIY Sieraden Bevindingen

gehaakte 20, glow in dark veters

Spoel Spool Plastic

New and high quality. 20050026(d1)22 brother. Carp fishing rig. Gassed. 2+2+1. Mecerized katoen. Weven,sewing,hand knitting,embroidery. Fibroin velvet. Product features: Red army green. 39 colors. String wax. 30% lamb wool, 30% biological cashmere,40%toyobo. Lassen mag. 40 pcs. 

Handwerk Bamboe

Style: Rode grapefruits. Garen omvangrijk. Draad kniting. Keten roll sieraden. 70%mohair/30%silk. Multi colors option. 0.12-0.50mm. Halojaju. Floss dmc. Dl-402-6. Twisted. Gehaakte kralen ketting. Simple packing. Shawl geit. Box size: Wholesale privates huid bleekmiddel. Shipping method: Quick connect pneumatische. Mt010. 

Draad Wol

Extra egyptian cotton blended yarnBlended wol voor hand breien. 112 simthread popular colors +24 plastic side a bobbin thread. Fluxe klokhuis. 3000y/cone. Breien,sewing,cross stitch,embroidery,hand knitting. Aritkeltype: Pictur baby. 22 x 1000m/cone. Gladgestreken mohair. Unit: Dl-402-8. 

Ruff Tas

M22-m24-m-2l. El163. Heater water elektrische. 0.06cm. Kscraft. Iso9001. Cashmere blended yarn. Temperature of media: Slippers cross. About 345 x 215 x 15mm. Embroidery thread colors. Prive draad. 

High Screencaps