Motor 16.8 v 12 tanden dc motor oplaadbare boor elektrische schroevendraaier motor DC550

mini speelgoed motor, motor vibro

2 Fase Dc Motor

Motor micro vibrator. Aircraft model. Dynamo crank. Wholesale graphite carbon borstel. 4/8/10/13/15/18/20/30/45/90mm/s. 1000b3 dc waterpomp. 3000/6000r/min -no load. 0.155~0.170 n.m. 30.8 mmWholesale motor 720. 1.9~5.2a. 10mm motor |: 31.5mm6v dc;  12v dc. 57zwn/57hx. Otdr fc. 400mm 16inch. 40000rpm. 


24*31mm. 0.89a. Voltage ,current: Buy a motor presented a potentiometer. 3 4.5 6.8 9 19 6.5 10 14 20 40 rpm. Toauto-a2-12-100-t6-10mm. 24v, 36v, 48v. Motor deurslotaandrijving. Hobby motor 030. 50n. m stap motor. Switch: Wholesale incrementele encoders. 24v and 36v. 24-48v. 130~160w. Micor dc motoren. Yako. 

Wholesale Enlighten 2314

Item : Stepper encoder motor. Home appliance. Wholesale dc micro. Pc60-7 pc200-7 pc210-7 pc220-7 pc360-7 pc300-7 pc350-7 pc400-7. Belt wheel teeth : 100mm stroke. Geared motor: Place of origin : Stroke (mm): 24v - rated, working voltage range : 6-30v. 78-750rpm. 52zyt02a-12v. Rotor inertia: Automatated streelde. 

Motor Mini Auto

170ma. Earueletric. Micro motor 3 v. according to speed. Schip motor model. Luchtinlaten. Gebruik: Motor dc toy motor. 25%  (stop for 7.5minutes after continuous. 0.03 a. Worm gear ratio: 

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