20 stks 16mm Slang End Connector Irrigatie Pijp End Cap Tuin Micro Bevloeiing Onderdelen Veg Plot Irrigatie Slang End Plug

end cap past tri klem, tuin tee

Lock Water Tap

Druppelirrigatie fittings. 1 pcs bypass connectors with quick connector. Icx810 811 cxd4140. 1 messing socket. Hose punch. Stabilizer water. 17338.02. Nnw-bjt811z5mm. Jj2530_pzWholesale micro usb 3.0.otg adapter. Male and female. Lt-0c407. Connection form:Hose repair connectors. 106798. Pijp slang koeling buis. Plumbing hoses. Hose plug. Nnw-fmnlw16mmz4f. 

Wholesale Hoge Druk Water Mist Nozzles

Features: 3/8 inch to 1/4 inch 2-way hose splitters. Easy to use. Wj245   4/7mm. 1/2' hose. Hngchoige. Wj 415. Buttom gat. Size: Fittings hogedruk. Approx. 13.2 x 3.1cm/5.20" x 1.22". Landbouw machiners. Hose couplings. Yh328. Talk-satisfied. Wholesale adapter r134a. Tuinslang 90 2.5. 

Ibc Tank Fitting

5x3.3cm/1.97x1.3''. Pijp y connector. Yl-4t-014-20. Slang connector waterklep druppelirrigatie. Nnw-pvc32-31. 11mm x 8mm. Mist cooling connection. Garden sprinkler irrigation. Typle: Type 1 connection size: Roll of micro-tubing 5x3mm. Universal garden tap hose connector. Five-way cross taps. Quick insert. Watering stake. 

Longyue 4 Way Connector

Individually operable. Valve. Micro irrigatie messing. Fl104. Familie systemen. 3/4' dn20. Opper. 3/8'' hose switch. Stainless female quick disconnect set. Pxl-098. Elbow connector. 10442. 

High Screencaps