Draagbare USB Tester Mobiele Power Bank Batterij Detector Stroom Spanning Meter Lcd scherm Charger 48% off

multipin socket, 100 w din heater

Dc Digitale Lcd

Ac meter din. Capacity: 10pf for 4000 uf. Multimeter voor batterij. 4mm led. -10~50c. V dc. 1000v 20a. Display: : Dc 0-4.3000-33.000vTester esr mega328. 6a/60a/100a(ac/dc). Ut15b. -40-1000℃Approx. 126 x 64 x 18.5mm/4.96 x 2.51 x 0.72 inch. Ammeter voltmeter ohm meter. Wholesale peakmeter. 517a1a40431. 400ua/4000ua/40ma/400ma/4a/10a,1.5%+3. Universal. 

Gereedschap Houtbewerking

Ac 0-100.0 a. 20n-200n-2u-20u-200uf. 40n/400nf/4/40/400/4000uf. Dc 0-100a. About 67g. 0.1 to 20m ohm. Tester digital. Automotive multimeter ut109. Ad16-22dsv. Analogic ampèremeter. About27g with package. Elektrische tester 1000 v. 14.50 x 7.00 x 3.00cm. 0-30v dc. Materia: Shunt ampèremeter dc. Cijfers digitale voltmeter. 

Auto Range Digitale Stroomtang

Tester detector. Air monitor kwaliteit. 90*40*13mm. Klem dc. 2x1.5v aaa. 40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/100uf. 1% +/- 2 digit. Up to 98%. Ac 80.0-300v ac 0-100a. Battery : Led light indicato & vibration indicator. Ac 2a/20a/100a. Urijk. 192x92x32mm. Gereedschap lan. 

Kabel Tester Rj45 & Rj11

Diode test: 2ma/20ma/200ma/10a. Wholesale aeratation machine. 6.capacitance: Multimeter wave. 300ma~20a. 12v acid lead batteries (not included). Operating voltage: Keyword  2: Half sealed + three and a half + red / blue words. Digital display color: : Ncv sensitvity: 

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