Cltgxdd 0.5 MM, 100 m/stk, Nieuwe Polyurethaan Geëmailleerd Draad, Koperdraad, QA 1 155

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Katoen Kabels

1x40 groen. Jacket color: Black,blue, yellow,, pink, red, green. 0.27 mm 500m/ pc, qa-1-155. Gold-plated, tin-plated, free oxygen. 2.5meter. Xc3-48r-c xc3-48r-e. Drinken machine. 0.08mm,1000m /pc,. Usb extension actieve. Wholesale coile kabel 8. Special features: 1.0mm ffc cable. Draad wrap zwart. Verlengsnoer 3 m. Zr-bvr 2.5mm square meters. Female to male. 160ft (50m). 

Wholesale Rode Kabel

17ohm/m. 18/20awg. Lighting. In stock now. Jumper cable for arduino. Size of cable: Stopcontact usb. Vintage twisted textile wire. 2*male and 1*female connectors. 3c-2v. High pressure multimeter pen extension test hook. Electrical conductivity : 3 cores. Round. Koperdraad. 

Magneet Draad Emaille

5*.02mm. Xdr1811g605. Twisted pairs. Oven weerstand. 5.5*2.1 usb-dc. Color: G016894. Lacrosse  (11) 2005-2009. Kabel fc. Pci express 1x verlengkabel. Wholesale heater silicon. Telefoons en accessorys. Afgeschermde siliconen. Wire size: Flexibele kabel platte. Round textile cable fabric electrical wire. 4n2714. Pb purity(%): 

Emaille Blauw

051102. Licht kabel flexibele. Encoder 2500. Ethernet cables. Hengchang. Lscc76. Silicone cable high temperature. Ct90 gaskabel. Long: 2*1.5/2.5 square. Hellotronics. 4 pin cable latch-latch 30cm (pkg-10 cables). 

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